Complete Game Baseball College Commitments and Alumni

If your goal is to play college baseball, we can help you strive for that goal. First off, our program is designed from top to bottom to help players learn the skills, fundamentals, and approaches that are consistent with what college coaches expect. What’s more, as a group have over 40 college coaches we communicate with on a consistent basis. We work hard to put our kids in front of the best people and help them find the best possible fit for their baseball and academic future.

In helping our players strive for their goal of playing college baseball, we believe in a two-step process and we are prepared to help all of our players take each step:

Step 1 is to develop the skills and fundamentals that are necessary to compete at the collegiate level. A player must be good enough to play in college before he can expect to play in college. This takes a lot of hard work. It is easy to find a “showcase” team that plays on college fields and hope to get recruited. It is hard to put in the work necessary to become the kind of player that college coaches would want in their programs. Everything we teach at Complete Game Baseball is from what our coaches learned and used at the collegiate, minor league, and major league levels, and we pass along that knowledge to our players so that they can use it to their advantage as they put in the hard work necessary to reach their potential.

Step 2 is to play in front of college coaches and scouts as much as possible. Our entire showcase program is designed to put our players in front of as many college coaches and scouts as possible. Using our connections, we create valuable showcase visit experiences that include personal contact with college coaches and programs. We also take our teams to showcase tournaments where there are several teams and college coaches in attendance.

Below is a list of all the players that have played for Complete Game and gone on to play baseball in college…


  • Carter Rustad | RHP | University of San Diego


  • Zach Miller | LHP | Fort Scott Community College

  • Jack Carneal | LHP | Cowley Community College


  • Nate Palcher | INF | Ottawa University

  • Hunter Turpin | Util | University of St Marys

  • Daniel Duffy | OF | Rhodes College

  • Grant Carver | RHP | Southeast Community College

  • Logan Whalen | LHP | Ottawa University

  • Josh Clipston | C | Ottawa University

  • Tyler Watson | INF| Highland Community College

  • Dillon Doll | INF | Central Methodist University

  • Drew Parmeley | 1B | Independence Community College

  • Isaac Soares | INF | Independence Community College

  • Nick Michael | LHP | MidAmerica Nazarene University

  • Brett Snider | RHP | Kansas City Kansas Community College

  • Ben Mattes | OF | Missouri S&T

  • Colton Horn | OF/LHP | Northeastern Community College (CO)

  • Cooper Sears |RHP/INF| Ottawa University

  • Jackson Flack | RHP | Ottawa University

  • Landon Flippin | INF | Harper Community College

  • Michael Velazquez | INF | Morningside College

  • Connor Ellefson | C | Rockhurst University


  • Adam Rellihan | SS | Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha

  • Jacob Thigpen | RHP, 3B, 1B | Rockhurst

  • Jacob Steffensmeier | RHP | Kansas Wesleyan

  • Chris Bolte | RHP, 3B | Ellsworth Community College

  • Nick Eisenmenger | C | Indian Hills Community College

  • Brandon McVey | LHP, OF | Highland Community College

  • Alex Renfrew | LHP, OF | Regis University

  • Clay Turner | RHP, OF | Ottawa University

  • Josh Compton | C | MidAmerica Nazarene University

  • Allan Brown | LHP | Kansas City KS Community College

  • Connor Morgan | RHP | William Penn University

  • Ryan Simma | MIF | University of St. Mary

  • Jake Stoulil | C | Simpson College

  • Nick Little | SS, 2B | Dordt College

  • Grant McMillen | LHP, 1B, OF | MidAmerica Nazarene University

  • Martin Radosevic | OF | St. Thomas (MN)


  • AJ Huet | RHP, OF | Robert Morris University – Springfield

  • Sam Huet | SS, 2B, OF | Robert Morris University – Springfield

  • Brandon Hilt | RHP | Ottawa University

  • Bailey Gardner | RHP, 3B | Ottawa University

  • Dyllon Williams | C | Drury University


  • Alex Rivera | C | Maple Woods Community College

  • Zach Siddell | RHP | Labette Community College