Our Story

After retiring from professional baseball and beginning a career in the financial services industry, Shawn Sedlacek established Sed Sports, Inc. in 2006 with the goal of giving back to the game that had meant so much and played such a huge role in his life.  Shawn began by offering pitching lessons to players from all over the Kansas City metro area who ranged in ability from beginners to current professional players.  After focusing primarily on pitching lessons for six years, giving thousands of hours of private instruction, and building his client base to several hundred players, Shawn decided to expand Sed Sports to include teams.


In the fall of 2012, Shawn invited Matt Williams and Todd Sears to help him launch the first ever Sed Sports Baseball teams.  What began as two fall ball teams quickly grew and Sed Sports burst onto the summer baseball scene in 2013 with five teams – three 16U teams and two 15U teams.


In 2013, Shawn, Todd, and Matt decided to partner and establish Complete Game Baseball to continue the growth of the organization in pursuit of Shawn’s dream back in 2006 to give back to the game.  Our coaches have a combined 25 years of professional experience, including Big League time by Shawn and Todd, as well as another 15+ years of college baseball experience.  At Complete Game Baseball, we work tirelessly to help players reach their potential as both people and players by providing professional baseball instruction and using the game of baseball to teach life to our players.  We love the game of baseball and our approach is consistent: work hard, stay positive, and have fun.


Our goal at Complete Game Baseball is to offer to most complete baseball experience in the Kansas City area, both on and off the field.  We care deeply about helping as many young players experience the game of baseball and all the life lessons it is able to teach.


At Complete Game Baseball,

“We provide the #1 youth baseball experience for families who are looking for professional instruction, character development, and a positive environment. Our mission is to help all players at all levels reach their potential on and off the field.”


There are many things that are outside of our control, including results. We don’t promise scholarships, wins, or .400 batting averages. Rather, we focus on what we can control: our approach and our coaching. If you join the Complete Game family, you will receive our 100% best effort. We don’t pretend to be perfect but we will give you everything we have to offer. Additionally, we promise that our coaching and approach will teach players how to play the game the right way. If we give our best effort as coaches, and players do everything they can to reach their potential, we believe that everything else will take care of itself and that our players will reach their potential.