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Fall Strength & Conditioning Class Now Open

We are excited to announce that registration for our fall Strength & Conditioning class is now open. This program is designed with baseball specific exercises aimed to help increase the strength, speed, agility, and conditioning of baseball players.  ...

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Professional Instruction

All of our coaches have played at the college level or higher, with Shawn and Todd playing in the MLB. All of our coaches use the drills, techniques, strategies, and mental approaches that we not only learned, but used as players.

Development Focused

At Complete Game Baseball we always focus on what is best for the development of our players. Our goal is to teach our players as much as we can to help them develop and improve as players.

Positive Environment

The legendary coach John Wooden said, “Young people need models, not critics.” We expect our players and parents to stay positive. Baseball is hard enough as it is and we don’t believe negativity helps anyone reach their potential as people or players.